Why You Should Live In Maadi Egypt

Egypt has been in recent years an important center in the world for tourists all
because it is an exotic place, sunny and full of adventures. If you put your feet in Egypt
and set out to explore the Nile, you will be amazed when you enter one of the
most beautiful suburbs of Cairo, any tourist who has set foot in Maadi has not
repented at all. It is a wonderful community that accepts with open arms all
foreign tourists who are visiting or think about staying to live there.

It is an isolated place at first sight, but do not let
that first impression fool you because it is not for nothing that Maadi is
considered by all foreign tourists as “the Paris of Cairo”. Whether
you are thinking of visiting as a tourist or thinking of living either
temporarily or for a long time in an exotic place, sunny and full of adventures
as it is Maadi it would be convenient for you to apply for a apartment for rent in Maadi. We will delve into what makes Maadi which is a beautiful paradise located in the south of Cairo
perfect for you and how you can enjoy Maadi at its best.

If you have a delicate health and by prescription have been recommended to
vacation in a sunny place surrounded by green land, Maadi has it covered in
large spaces. Maadi is undoubtedly a beautiful place where you will feel safe
in recovering your good health. There are trees everywhere, it might seem that
Maadi is a jungle. And the air that is breathed is extraordinarily clean
because of it.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset as you have never enjoyed it, we would
recommend that you set out to navigate the Nile with a Felucca. If you are
willing to forget the past and are looking for a new love in an exotic place to
spice things up a bit, Maadi is not called “the Paris of Cairo” for
nothing, in the dark night and with the beautiful landscapes in the background,
a perfect environment that encourages love.

And to conclude if you want to feel at ease among so many people, Maadi is the most
multicultural place that can exist, every day people come and go who are from
different countries, races, and cultures And you can make friends with someone
and invite them to a good pub that is in every corner of Maadi, cheers!

5 Essential Tips to Negotiate a Real Estate Deal Like a Pro

Buying and marketing real estate are complicated businesses laden with tricks and maneuvers that you can’t be assumed to know about as maximum people only require buying and selling after a span of six to seven years.
If you are in the apartment purchasing and selling league right now, then it’s time to brush up your negotiation skills to grab the best real estate deal. Here are some real estate negotiations tips and tricks by our experts to make you a pro in the world of negotiations:

#1 Price the property correctly
There’s a huge barrier between the price you wish to get and the price as per market trends. The seller wants the greatest price while the buyer wants the tiniest amount to spend and at the end of it, the deal hangs somewhere in the middle. Talk to your neighbors to give yourself a more practical idea of the perfect prices in your locality. An expert, real estate agent, will also be able to present a benchmark for demanding prices that are fair as per market estimates.
#2 Don’t give into high-pressure sales tactics
This is a common sight in almost all negotiations, especially when you looking to buy apartments in Minneapolis. Ensure that you do not give into lucrative deals and offers that are a part of sales tactics. Sellers will try their best to keep you engaged by displaying significant discounts on services and commodities so that you get drifted from the main topic and stop bargaining on the actual cost of the property.
#3 Always enquire about the warranty of the property
A buyer can ask for a house warranty, or a seller can offer one. This assurance plan covers the big and small home appliances and systems, like the ventilation, air-conditioning and hot-water systems if ever these items get damaged or require repair.
#4 Cover all critical questions related to the property
Proficient negotiators ask many why, what and how questions to ascertain if the opposite party is willing to negotiate or not. Learning about the vendor’s position will provide substantial insight into whether the estate is worth bargaining for. Ensure that you ask all the questions given below:
– Why is the property being sold?- How long has the property been owned?- Does it have any other tenants?- Is all the paperwork complete?- How long has it been on the “For Sale” list?- Does the vendor have any more offers in hand?
#5 Be practical
Being unreasonable is habitually not the best approach in any negotiation. If your goal is to sell, don’t get stuck to the price you are demanding. If you are getting a price which is somewhere around what you desire, go for it. Something’s better than nothing! If you are the buyer, take into account different aspects of the property like the total price, value added services and also the value of the location of the ownership. If the property is located in a posh area, then it is not a good idea to bargain too much. Even if you are getting an offer that is almost close to what you are willing to pay, then it’s time you go for it. Whereas, if the location of the property is not attractive, nor the services being offered, then let go of the deal and end the negotiation session if the seller is not at all willing to work on the offer.
Make use of these 5 best tips to negotiate a real estate deal like a pro and get the deals in your favor. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Questions to ask before Buying a New Garage Door

Buying a new garage door has never been an impulsive decision for most homeowners. Replacing your garage door is a great investment for your house because it adds value to the exterior look. Therefore, it is important to get quality time to figure out exactly what you need before buying a new door. The following are some of the key questions that you will need to ask to help you choose the best garage door.

Should you choose an Insulated Garage Door?

The insulation and construction technology have significantly improved over the last ten years. Today’s door designs have a tighter seal as compared to the previous years. Door insulation has a significant impact on your home’s energy usage and efficiency. Therefore, if the garage is directly attached to the house, and there is a room above it, it is important to consider installing an insulated garage door. Consequently, if the door directly faces the sun, insulation will help to regulate the temperature in the garage.

What is the Cost of the Garage Door?

It is important to evaluate a variety of door designs to see which one suits your budget. Prices mostly differ because of the material of the door. For example, materials range from aluminum, steel, to wood garage doors. Aluminum doors are ideal for the extreme weather conditions because it is resistant to rust. Steel doors give you a wide range of options as far as insulation, price, and color are concerned. Wood doors are typically resistant to moisture and give your door a natural look.

What is the Safety Level of the Garage Door?

If you live in regions with extreme weather conditions, you might consider a garage door that is strong enough to withstand such elements. A good garage door should be able to withstand strong hurricanes. Therefore, you might consider a door that has additional features like heavier tracking gauge and bracing. These features help to withstand a stormy weather that could destroy a garage door.

What are the Physical Characteristics of the Garage Door?

You need to know the thickness of the door, size, and door joints. The thickness of the new door should be enough to completely seal the entrance. You need to be familiar with the size of your garage so as to buy one which fits well. In case you having trouble with the measurements, you can always ask for help from the specialists. Additionally, the door joints should freely intersect to ensure that they do not break when opening or closing the garage.

Does the Garage Door have a Warranty?

Door warrantied vary from one manufacturer to another. It is important to know whether the door has a warranty, and for how long does it last. Warranty reduces your maintenance cost because it covers it up. You also need to know whether the warranty cost is included in the purchase cost or will you be required to separately purchase the warranty.

Are you ready to upgrade your garage door? Reach out to the Aladdin Garage Doors of Houston team, who are fully trained and skilled in the mechanics of garage doors.

8 things to do in Maadi Cairo Egypt

When toured to Egypt there are many things you encounter, the Arabic culture with beautiful dressing style that has more attention on the eye will make you admire the culture. The interesting place is when you visit Maadi, you will not regret. In Maadi there are 8 thing you should do you visit the following places:

· Visit to Mikerinos Pyramid in Giza. This smallest of the Three Great Pyramids, Mikerinos was constructed for the grandson, Cheops. It is better favored as proved by the coated part. it is a pyramid worth seeing. You can also enter the pyramid and descent to the chamber. t is still remarkable in size and structure.

· City of the Dead (Northern Cemetery). Very inspiring, slabs and blocks of tombs, is a huge cemetery. Different designed and figures, it is thousands of year old. The place is desolating and silent. The city of the Dead. the tomb is incredible it has hand made work on all the tombs and the structure itself is awesome but filled with so much beauty and antiquity.

· Church of St Sergius and Bacchus is one of the oldest churches in Egypt courting back to the 4th century. It’s full of details, gives you trembles and It’s so beautiful with astonishing portion of art that came out past, and it has a cavern inside which is alleged that virgin Mary & baby Jesus were whack.

· Old City (Coptic Cairo). A divine place full of history and very comforting, the planning is exceptional, with olden link to one of the earliest procedures of Christianity. You will discover three churches each with historic implication and boutique architecture. The dangling church is full of beautiful stained-glass openings.

· Egyptian Antiquities Museum. The assortment is enormous and detailed, covering every piece of ancient Egypt. The chariot, throne and mask of King are extraordinarily complex and well well-maintained, along with his other items.

· Al-Azhar Park. al azhar park is good place to relax with your family to relish in full day, it is a great open and green place where you can see Cairo from the plateau very clean and energizing wind.

· Cairo Tower. It is 61 floors high turret with incredible view on the capital and river Nile, it is an unbelievable feeling observing this endless River from over 180 meters. Cairo, this massive and out busy city, seems clearer and wieldier away from the masses. Also, you can grasp all over metro area, hardly made our Pyramids in detachment.

· Lastly Khan Al-Khalili. One of the first places in Cairo and has possibly millions of shops and items which are so much interesting, it is market where you will get traditional items you can get a good reduced.

One can easily get a villa for rent in Maadi, some are cheap others are more expensive, all depends on the luxury you need. The cheapest villa in town can cost EGP 60,000, such villas has a rooftop, most of the has kitchen which well-equipped and furnished. Beautiful garden full flowers surrounding it, you will like it indeed.

Top tips on real estate

In this video you will learn directly the top secrets of real estate from Donal Trump himself. Watch till the end and check out our other video