8 things to do in Maadi Cairo Egypt

When toured to Egypt there are many things you encounter, the Arabic culture with beautiful dressing style that has more attention on the eye will make you admire the culture. The interesting place is when you visit Maadi, you will not regret. In Maadi there are 8 thing you should do you visit the following places:

· Visit to Mikerinos Pyramid in Giza. This smallest of the Three Great Pyramids, Mikerinos was constructed for the grandson, Cheops. It is better favored as proved by the coated part. it is a pyramid worth seeing. You can also enter the pyramid and descent to the chamber. t is still remarkable in size and structure.

· City of the Dead (Northern Cemetery). Very inspiring, slabs and blocks of tombs, is a huge cemetery. Different designed and figures, it is thousands of year old. The place is desolating and silent. The city of the Dead. the tomb is incredible it has hand made work on all the tombs and the structure itself is awesome but filled with so much beauty and antiquity.

· Church of St Sergius and Bacchus is one of the oldest churches in Egypt courting back to the 4th century. It’s full of details, gives you trembles and It’s so beautiful with astonishing portion of art that came out past, and it has a cavern inside which is alleged that virgin Mary & baby Jesus were whack.

· Old City (Coptic Cairo). A divine place full of history and very comforting, the planning is exceptional, with olden link to one of the earliest procedures of Christianity. You will discover three churches each with historic implication and boutique architecture. The dangling church is full of beautiful stained-glass openings.

· Egyptian Antiquities Museum. The assortment is enormous and detailed, covering every piece of ancient Egypt. The chariot, throne and mask of King are extraordinarily complex and well well-maintained, along with his other items.

· Al-Azhar Park. al azhar park is good place to relax with your family to relish in full day, it is a great open and green place where you can see Cairo from the plateau very clean and energizing wind.

· Cairo Tower. It is 61 floors high turret with incredible view on the capital and river Nile, it is an unbelievable feeling observing this endless River from over 180 meters. Cairo, this massive and out busy city, seems clearer and wieldier away from the masses. Also, you can grasp all over metro area, hardly made our Pyramids in detachment.

· Lastly Khan Al-Khalili. One of the first places in Cairo and has possibly millions of shops and items which are so much interesting, it is market where you will get traditional items you can get a good reduced.

One can easily get a villa for sale in Maadi, some are cheap others are more expensive, all depends on the luxury you need. The cheapest villa in town can cost EGP 20,000,000, such villas has a rooftop, most of the has kitchen which well-equipped and furnished. Beautiful garden full flowers surrounding it, you will like it indeed.

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