Questions to ask before Buying a New Garage Door

Buying a new garage door has never been an impulsive decision for most homeowners. Replacing your garage door is a great investment for your house because it adds value to the exterior look. Therefore, it is important to get quality time to figure out exactly what you need before buying a new door. The following are some of the key questions that you will need to ask to help you choose the best garage door.

Should you choose an Insulated Garage Door?

The insulation and construction technology have significantly improved over the last ten years. Today’s door designs have a tighter seal as compared to the previous years. Door insulation has a significant impact on your home’s energy usage and efficiency. Therefore, if the garage is directly attached to the house, and there is a room above it, it is important to consider installing an insulated garage door. Consequently, if the door directly faces the sun, insulation will help to regulate the temperature in the garage.

What is the Cost of the Garage Door?

It is important to evaluate a variety of door designs to see which one suits your budget. Prices mostly differ because of the material of the door. For example, materials range from aluminum, steel, to wood garage doors. Aluminum doors are ideal for the extreme weather conditions because it is resistant to rust. Steel doors give you a wide range of options as far as insulation, price, and color are concerned. Wood doors are typically resistant to moisture and give your door a natural look.

What is the Safety Level of the Garage Door?

If you live in regions with extreme weather conditions, you might consider a garage door that is strong enough to withstand such elements. A good garage door should be able to withstand strong hurricanes. Therefore, you might consider a door that has additional features like heavier tracking gauge and bracing. These features help to withstand a stormy weather that could destroy a garage door.

What are the Physical Characteristics of the Garage Door?

You need to know the thickness of the door, size, and door joints. The thickness of the new door should be enough to completely seal the entrance. You need to be familiar with the size of your garage so as to buy one which fits well. In case you having trouble with the measurements, you can always ask for help from the specialists. Additionally, the door joints should freely intersect to ensure that they do not break when opening or closing the garage.

Does the Garage Door have a Warranty?

Door warrantied vary from one manufacturer to another. It is important to know whether the door has a warranty, and for how long does it last. Warranty reduces your maintenance cost because it covers it up. You also need to know whether the warranty cost is included in the purchase cost or will you be required to separately purchase the warranty.

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